Friday, April 8, 2011

Way Back When . . .

A fellow colleague, Lorne Cooper @LorneCooper, emailed me a great link to archived websites. The website is called WayBackMachine. It is in beta right now but it seems to be working fine.

What you do is type in a web address and click on go and choose the year you want to look back on. WayBackMachine searches the archives and takes you to the website from that particular year. It is a great way to remember for those like me who have "sometimer's disease," only can remember some of the time.

I guess why it is interesting to me is because I have moved from Brooks to Medicine Hat, and I use to have a classroom website. I was always curious on how it looked, and even what I used it for.

I also was the webmaster for the Brooks Bandits Junior A hockey team for a number of years. Curtis Glencross, #20 for the Calgary Flames, was a part of the hockey club in 2001. Take a look at the screenshots I found from using Way Back When.

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  1. I like the new design, Tim. Loos great. I think there is also a way of using Google to search for previous versions of websites. I believe you put in the words "cache:" before a search and can find old stuff. Great resource for people trying to find out past information about companies.