Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to change the default font on SMART Notebook

Sometimes it is a pain to use the font supplied in Notebook. Do you find yourself constantly changing the font to what you like? Watch the video below to find out how to change the default font in SMART Notebook to the way you like it. Respond to this blog if you thought it was helpful. Also reply if you have other "how to videos" you would think would help you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milton, our new Mini-Schnauzer

Ok, if you are into cute, here is a little video clip of our new puppy. I am forever disappointed at Windows MovieMaker. You put together a nice video, go to render it, and it says the file is too big, you do not have enough disk space (bs), or something like that. So I used to capture the video off of Movie Maker. Not the best quality, but it's ok. Did you know you can take a movie file from YouTube and drop it into the audio of MovieMaker to separate audio and video. That is how I got the song. Hope you enjoy the movie clip.

TLC Begins to blog

When I was hired as the Technology Leadership Coordinator (TLC) for Medicine Hat Public Schools I certainly liked my acronym. Obviously TLC can mean "tender loving care" or even "the learning channel." Both definitions to the acronym suit my position. First I enjoy helping others learn new ideas with technology. Second, I am flexible and tailor my instruction to meet the needs of the group or individual. I learned early in my new position as the TLC that many schools, leaders and teachers are at different levels of comfort with technology. So I do not push, but encourage teachers to contact me if they need help. One great way to help teachers is to feature "how to" videos. It is sometimes easier sending a visual of how to do something, than it is to explain it over the phone or email. So I plan on using this blog, not only to rant once in awhile, but to help teachers with their technology needs. BTW- the 007 attached to my username is due to a repeat of the acronym, and I am a big James Bond fan. This is my first blog. How did I do?