Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shh! No More Video Noise!

I still enjoy all the visuals that YouTube has to offer. Well sort of? I find myself clicking x's all the time now to get rid of ads that I don't even read, but take up so much video space. And some ads on the side can be risky, especially in front of young eyes.

Solution: Quietube! It is a java install right on your browser toolbar that allows you to go to a YouTube Video, click the Quietube extension and the video will begin playing with empty surroundings. That's right! No ads, comments (which many begin with the "f" word) and no pop ups.

To access videos with no advertising go to Quietube and follow directions to install the extension. Next find the YouTube video you want to show. Finally click on the Quietube extension in your toolbar and you will be redirected to the video with no ads. Very refreshing!

Two other websites to mention that eliminate advertising and other distractions are ViewPure and SafeShare . Both are great ways to show a YouTube video without distraction.