Monday, February 14, 2011

Future Teachers: What is needed from you?

Today I had the pleasure of presenting to 33 aspiring University students studying to become our next fellow colleagues. As I am the President of our local Teachers' Convention, the presentation was suppose to be about convention, however I had to speak a little about my passion, and that is 21st Century Learning. I put together an Animoto presentation, but while I was thinking about what is needed from our future teachers, I thought that I would like some help from my PLN. So I shouted out to my Twitter PLN and asked the question, "In one word, what describes a successful future teacher?" Here are some responses.
@courosa, tweeted 'Connected (with multiple meanings)'. So true. More so today, teachers need to be better connected with their students; understanding what makes them tick. Connection needs to happen more with parents; involving them more by communicating, be it with the use of technology. Connected with the community helps students relate to the world around them. Connected globally, for the classroom should not have walls. These are some thoughts about how teachers need to be connected.

@jenclevette, tweeted 'Resilient (willing to make mistakes)'. Yes! Making mistakes =learning. Improving and trying again is the assessment for learning piece. Miss Frizzle would be proud. "Take chances, make mistakes!" Thanks Jen.

My Twitter PLN was very helpful with the creation of the Animoto below. @AmyInspires, tweeted 'Patient', @earlsamuelson and @bdyck, tweeted 'Adaptable', @chaugen 'Flexible', @Grade1 'Innovative', and j_wasch 'Curious'. All these adjectives and more are what are needed from teachers now and in the future. The Animoto was the product of some great collaboration. Collaboration allowed me to think outside the box, and from this I was helped in presenting a message to our future colleagues.