Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#ISTE11 Here I Come!

It has been a great lead up on Twitter with my PLN chatting and posting all the excitement as we head to Philidelphia. I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues. It amazes me how global we have come in a short time in sharing and learning from each other as we plan and deliver new ideas in the best interests of the students.

Cheers to all of my PLN friends! @tibon007 is looking forward to connecting at #iste11.

Only Peanut Butter, No Jam

Yesterday morning I threw in the toast, got out the PB and searched high and low for the jam. None. So I sat, complained to my wife and ate bland peanut butter and toast.

How does this story fit into education? Well, sometimes students are faced with Peanut Butter day in and day out. No jam, no variety. Sometimes teacher's can become unaware that they are only serving Peanut Butter. My advice: reflect, add some jam/variety to your lessons and your students will enjoy their menu.