Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teaching about Blogging: Need to Get Your Feet Wet

As an educational technologist, I usually present tools such as Blogger, Edublogs, Skype, etc. but don't really get to use them in a classroom. Today I visited a Grade 9 classroom and presented a lesson on blogging in the classroom. I began by discussing social networking, which got the kids intereseted, especially when talking about how cellphones can be used in the classroom. I showed the students examples of Edmodo, Blogger, Edublogs and Wikispaces. So far, so good. I then wanted them to participate, so I asked them to research practical uses for the classroom. The lesson kind of went downhill from here. To ask students to research about blogging didn't work. It would have been great if a blog was created with them. Some students did go ahead and create a blog or wiki account. I am not sure where it will go from there, but at least some had interest. I guess my point is that it is easy to present wonderful technology tools to a teacher or class, but if there isn't the purpose behind it, the presentation will fizzle. With all of the new innovations for education continuing to surface, it would be nice to be back in the classrooms, as long as students have access to technology. I did show the class a video about why students like to blog. I like it because it comes from the kids.
This YouTube link shows students top 10 reasons to blog in the classroom.

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  1. Good post, Tim. I can appreciate your honesty with how you felt the lesson went. I think that some interest with students can be thought of as a success. If even 1 of those students begins to blog (write) because of something you showed them, you have made a positive difference. Getting students motivated to write other than by threatening them with marks is an incredibly difficult task, so don't sell yourself short.
    Keep up the good work,