Thursday, June 3, 2010

NOT HAPPY !! Xtranormal is beginning to charge a fee for users

Yesterday, June 2, 2010, I was planning to create another fun movie using Xtranormal. I spent a lot of time doing it and even had a chance to preview it. But when I went to publish it I was directed to a page that asked me to purchase points. What points? Where on the website does it say anything about an update and now charging users? Booo!  I really like Xtranormal, one reason it being a free Web 2.0 site for educators. It is a great way to present and takes the place of watching another PowerPoint presentation. I am going to email the developers with my displeasure and I would like all Xtranormal users to do the same. Maybe the ceators can get advertisers or something. With over 7,000,000 videos made, you would think that advertisers would see this as a good opportunity. I bet with the new fees, the number of movies made won't be rapidly increasing.

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  1. Indeed it sucks. You can still use the program for free if you use the basic themes, characters, etc., that come when you select a showpak, but once you change a setting or character, there is a charge. Not easy to save for later, but you can publish. Bahhh!